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Autronica Users
Autronica users are world-wide and span many industrial and commercial fields. From the extremely demanding environments of the Oil & Gas production facilities to the super critical Ocean going Cruise Ships to Hospitals to Power Stations to Banking Institutions all have one common factor... All require absolute Safety achieved through exceptional reliability and performance.

This reliability and performance is the base platform for an extraordinary product which is able to be provided to all our UK users ensuring that long term reliability and performance is achieved at a cost that is practical and proven value-for-money.

Autronica customers are focussed on ensuring extremely reliable system performance and effectively zero down-time or false alarms. With a flexible and practical approach to achieving this performance, FSC-Autronica Ltd provide innovative solutions to achieve a programme of work ensuring least disruption to our customers normal working and day-to-day operations. Clients include those within the Hospital and Helathcare Sector, Banking Institutions, Air Traffic Control, Power Generation, etc.....
James Paget University Hospital

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Northampton General Hospital

Northampton Hospital is a major 600 bed hospital that covers a large area with a multitude of buildings centred around a central main hospital building.

JP Morgan Bank

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